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ClubCademy is an Exclusive Membership Club which grants its members access to nightclub and related industries secrets that have been proven to increase traffic to your establishment.
We cover all topics of study in the nightlife and bar industry from the back of the house: your backbone of operations, to the front of the house: the face and reputation that your clients see.

Whether you’re seasoned in the game and just looking to brush up on what’s new, want to grow in another department, or you’re fresh meat trying to make a name for yourself in your city, ClubCademy will help you get there.

In this ever-changing industry, the knowledge packed in to ClubCademy courses aren’t just a suggestion, they’re essential to your success.
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Jamie Stacks is a nightlife mogul in Southern, California raised in  Louisiana. Young Jamie Stacks was raised a winner by his grandma who taught him that hard work beats talent.

His infamous college life as QB and big-man on campus wouldn’t remain the highlights of his life for long. His road to success continued one Friday afternoon, in a gray 9 to 5 cubicle, when his co-worker asked him to play chess after work. It was in this moment that he realized the simple life wasn’t for him.

This farm boy made his way to San Diego on a one-way ticket with $250 in his pocket and nothing to turn back to. He started in the nightlife filling party buses to capacity, then filling clubs to capacity as a promoter, then doubling and tripling VIP sales goals week after week as a VIP Host.

Today, he is the owner and managing partner of Elevating Nightlife Group and has now become ENG World Wide a hospitality company that owns and operates world-renowned FLUXX Nightclub, F6ix Nightclub, Pop’s Speakeasy Bar, Nova San Jose, Wild Rose Eatery & Bar and The Morning After.

His expertise in nightlife operations and entrepreneurship is proven by the success of his companies and the thriving companies he consults as he currently opened and ventured new projects.

Here Just a Few

Maybe it’s a costly remodel to 'keep up with the Joneses" or replacing that 30 year old A/C that’s stressing you out? The answer isn’t cutting costs; it’s increasing revenue! Learn how to capitalize on the relationships: building relationships with local businesses (drive-in / out programs, mixer program, local programs), building relationships with local VIPs, and rewarding loyalty. The most important relationships to have are with people who have lots of relationships that can bring spending power to your venue. There’s no secret behind word of mouth, so the more people talking about you the higher your revenue will climb. These tools were a game changer for F6ix who’s managed to maintain and thrive during multiple waves of inflation and gentrification while 5 other venues within a stones throw around it were forced to close shop.
Rising rent, COGs and minimum wage got you pulling your hair out?
Any joe-shmoe with a boom box and a social media handle can pack a few hundred people in to any establishment that serves liquor. The real challenge is being the biggest in your market, the place that shows 5x platinum artists and international DJs, the Net $100k on a Tuesday, world-stage worthy nightclubs. This is most important if your goal is to attract 1000 patrons in 5 hours—then keeping them there with their pockets open and drinks flowing. Even after 9 incredible years of mastering this art as FLUXX Nightclub, the best is yet to come.
Yes! Choosing that venue you experienced the best with services really matters!
No wonder, how one’s experience became the best marketing one can do to promote any business. Coupled with great music, a warm atmosphere, and friendly staff to help make sure everyone is having the time of their life can make you stand out.
Your business is one thing, but your venue and services are another. And the best of both can lead to major growth and expansion. - That’s beyond experiencing NOVA San Jose.

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JOIN & Lock-IN my Free Gift (15 Things to DO NOW Plus a FREE 40 Min Webinar!)
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